Learning from Japanese Discipline

Japan, the country was always impressed me. Especially from the spirit of their discipline. It’s indisputable tahat the Japanese have a very good discipline soul. I once heard a little story from one of my friends who happened to work in Japanese companies. He and his other colleagues are required to follow such a small gym before starting work activities, is required to be done every day. Very different among us (especially in government institutions and some BUMN), which performed gymnastics on Friday alone, and even then, if not a little ‘coercion’, then it is certain that very few people on it.
Every day I always start up the activities initiated by former Japanese vehicles, the KRL. You know if KRL Pakuan Ekpsress which is one mode of pride transportation of Jabodetabek citizens actually ex Japan. But, it still good condition. While indeed, there is little polish before it came to Indonesia.
DSC00944In addition to discipline, I admire to the citizens of Japan respect for the weak peoples. I noticed in the corner of the wall of KRL, there is an appeal to the KRL passengers to turn off your phone when it was in a special chair (the elderly, pregnant women, handicapped) -see the image-. It is expected that the weak feelings that people can rest without interference from the phone ringing of the other passengers. Something small indeed, but it makes me even more impressed with the charm of Japan.
In the past, Japan ever stepped on our nation. Many Japanese cultures also not in accordance with this nation. But, somehow, I always remember the old adage: TAKE THE GOOD, WASTE THE BAD.

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